Tuesday, April 7, 2015

30 Days of Biking - Day 7

Well it's been 1 week so far in "30 Days of Biking" and I'm still going strong!  On Thursday I have a dentist appointment that I want to bike to.  Since I have never ridden my bike to my dentist before, today I decided to "pre-ride" out to his office to see how long it would take me.  It's only 6.6 miles and I made it in less than half an hour.  But by the time I had gotten there, the sun had come out and so I decided to take a less direct, less well traveled way home.  Apparently with the sun, also came wind, a very strong, gusty wind from the NE with gusts to 27 mph.  And pretty much all the way home I was headed in a, you guessed it, northerly and then easterly direction, in farm country so lots of open land on all sides of me.  So, once again, I was pretty battered by strong headwinds, but, it's spring, it's windy, get over it!

Blue skies, sunshine, farm country just waking up from a long winter, who can beat that?!
Beautiful views along the way!
I love this one room schoolhouse, it's out buildings and the cobblestone barn behind it.  So glad this history is still around in my area!

16.89 miles total ride

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