Tuesday, April 1, 2014

On the Road Again

Well, spring has been very elusive this year!  Immediately following my ride on March 7th, we fell prey to weeks and weeks of more cold, snow, wind, and generally very wintery weather!  So, no outdoor riding for the rest of March for me.  I did manage to log 217 miles indoors on my trainer though, so all was not lost.

Today, April 1st, I finally got back outside!  It was a little warmer, in the low 50s.  I joined 2 friends and we did laps in a senior housing tract in the Village of Hilton.  Just a nice easy ride with great people!  We clocked about 8 miles together.  Then, as my friends went home, I too headed back towards my house, but being outdoors on a bike again was too much to resist.  So I took off on the familiar village bike route and did another 5 miles on my own.  I can't begin to put into words how great it felt to be outdoors riding again, minus all my winter gear!

I've signed the 30 Days of Biking online pledge to ride my bike every day during the month of April.  I've also registered for the National Bike Challenge again, which begins in May.  I'm so hoping the weather keeps improving so that the majority of my miles can be outside miles!