Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sun and Wind and Freedom

My beautiful Salsa Cycles Vaya with its new rack and fenders enjoying the sun!
I've been hesitating to go out riding my bike during the day while everyone is at school.  I know that my doctor has approved me for driving and cycling, and I'm not approved to go back to work until next week, but it still feels awkward to be out publicly riding my bike instead of being at work, especially in a small village where so many people know me.  So, I've been waiting until late in the day and then it ends up getting too dark and cloudy or too cold or too stormy or too close to a time I have to do something else, and I've been missing my opportunities to ride.  Today I just said hang it and I took advantage of the time and the sun and one of my last few days of freedom and went for a 10 mile ride.  It was GREAT!  I decided to ride mostly north of the village so it was on roads a little less traveled.  It was sunny and about 35°, which was wonderful.  Dry roads, no snow, no unexpected adventures.  The only issue was the wind, gusting to 30 mph.  In hindsight, I probably should have done my route starting out in the opposite direction so as to not be heading uphill and into the wind on the last leg of the ride.  It was quite a workout and slowed my average speed by 2 mph!  Still, it was a great ride!  Now for some Advil and a shower and then off to PT.

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