Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How Becoming a Cyclist has Made Me a Better Driver

Earlier I posted a summary of bike riding law in New York State.  In investigating bike law, I discovered some information about motor vehicle law that I didn't know.

  • Did you know that a motor vehicle is supposed to give a cyclist 4 feet of space when passing?
  • Did you know that it is legal for a motor vehicle to cross a single or double yellow line in order to give a cyclist the required 4 feet of space?
  • Did you know that if a driver can't give the cyclist the required amount of safe space due to oncoming traffic in the other lane, the driver must stop and wait for the oncoming traffic to clear before passing the cyclist?
  • Did you know that a driver of a motor vehicle must exercise "due care" in order to avoid accident or injury to a cyclist AND that if the driver has not demonstrated "due care," no matter what the cyclist has done that may have contributed to the accident, the driver of the motor vehicle is still held responsible?
Now that I know these things, I will be a much better driver when I am sharing the road with cyclists!  There is more information and tips for both cyclists and drivers here - Be Smart.  Share the Road with Bicycles

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