Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lori & Jim's Great Florida Adventure - Day 6

Day 6

What a great day of riding we had today! Yesterday's ride was very urban, mostly through Miami and the surrounding area until the very end along the canal and into the camping area. Today was much more on nature-rich environments, which was much nicer. We had a long ride on the Black Creek Trail along the canal, then through a park and out to the ocean in Biscayne Bay on a peninsula, then along a creek and funally a little along the South Dade Trail on the edge of the city of Homestead to our destination in Florida City. I saw all kinds of birds, some baby ducks, a small lizard, 4 manatees (making more manatees), and 1 small alligator in the middle of the creek. This is more of what I imagined this ride would be like. Tomorrow we are going to Everglades National Park, so I'm excited about that. Today was a 31 mile ride and much easier riding than yesterday. We were finished and in camp by 1:00!

Here are pictures I took today.

Sunrise in camp this morning. 

Our route today. 

Heading out of camp this morning

So many duck moms escorting broods of ducklings along the canal this morning. Kind of ugly adults, but adorable ducklings!

Jim was truckin' right along today. 

Biscayne Bay

The manatees. Unfortunately as soon as I put my camera away, they poked their heads up!

I loved how these birds were all lined up facing the same way!

I think I wore Jim out!

But he wasn't the only one in camp napping this afternoon!

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