Monday, March 7, 2016

Lori and Jim's Great Florida Adventure - Day 11

Day 11

Today was more of a traveling day.  We ate breakfast in the courtyard again and then loaded the car and checked out and said goodbye to Key West.  

Up until now Jim has done all the driving, but today I took a turn as we made our way off the Keys and back onto the mainland.  We decided to stop for the night in Clewiston again.  We booked a room in the hotel we stayed in before.  After checking in we thought we'd go for a bike ride at Lake Okeechobee.  We had seen a sign for access that said their was a bike trail, so off we went. Unfortunately, after getting their, unloading the bikes and taking off, we soon discovered that the road and the trail were closed due to construction!  There was no way around it so we headed back to the car having only biked a total of .8 miles, round trip!  Very disappointing!  And there wasn't really enough hours of sunlight left for us to be able to go on a search for another trailhead someplace else.

Here's a glimpse of the edge of the lake. And they have these weird decorations on all the light poles!  I wonder if they light up at night!

So we ended up getting a quick dinner and spending the evening in the hotel watching "Once Upon a Time" and "Downton Abbey!"  

Tomorrow we are on a short journey from here to Sarasota and a baseball game!

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