Monday, July 14, 2014

Cycling the Erie Canal - Day 2 - Medina to Pittsford

Today was another great day on the trail. 53.4 miles completely on the canal trail from Medina to Pittsford. The section from Albion to Genesee Valley Park is a section I've ridden before, and the section from Brockport to Long Pond Rd.  I've ridden many, many times!  But the section from Medina to Albion was new to me and there were many things to see. 

My friend, Denise, met me in Spencerport and rode with me to Genesee Valley Park, about 12.5 miles. It was so nice of her and it was great to have a familiar face to ride with for a bit. All the cyclists here are so friendly and nice, but many are here in couples or groups of some sort, and I'm here by myself, so I appreciated riding with a friend for a while. 

That being said, I am so enjoying this whole experience!  I love soaking up the "ride culture" and being part of all the activities in this huge communal campground. Now, no one in my family should take that to mean I now like camping or want to routinely go on camping trips, but I'm happy and comfortable and there is a great deal to be said for fully immersing myself in this complete experience. And I can safely say this now that the rain has stopped and my gear and I are dry!

Here below are some photo highlights of my day. Tomorrow it's on to Seneca Falls. 

Some sights to see in and around Medina

This great waterfall

This rather large apple

Some great architecture and Medina sandstone

The only road that goes under the canal

Other Sights Along the Canal

The Chamber of Commerce and some Merchants set up an unofficial rest stop and information booths in Albion and in other villages. One private family even set out coolers of water at the edge of their yard along the canal. These pictures are in Albion. 

This adorable bike shop, Trailside Bikes, in Hulberton

At the Holley rest stop


Spencerport, where my biking buddy, Denise met up with me and we rode together to Genesee Valley Park

The great rest stop that the City of Rochester put on at Genesee Valley Park

Some additional sights between Genesee Valley Park and Pittsford

This guy had just caught a huge fish in Pittsford at Shoen Place.

Some Sights in Our Tent City

My wet tent upon my arrival in the rain. It did stop not too long after so everything dried out. 

The shower truck. This was a new experience for me, but it feels so good to take a shower after a day of riding, I was up for it. Not too bad!

Some jugglers. First with regular pins and later in the evening with fire. 

I love the way these folks are using their bikes to hold up their clotheslines!

The new type of campfire we all sit around in the evening!  I meet the same people here each night. 

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