Friday, February 26, 2016

Lori & Jim's Great Florida Adventure - Day 2

Day 2 of driving took us from Beckley, WV to Macon, GA. The weather was very snowy through West Virginia!  We couldn't even see the mountains at times!  There was so much road salt, snow, and road spray, our bikes got really messy!

The snow let up as we traveled through Virginia and we found sunshine and blue skies in North Carolina.  That great weather stayed with us the rest of the day, through South Carolina and Georgia.

That sunshine really showed how gross our bikes had gotten!

In Gaffney, SC, we saw a rather enormous peach!

After a not so wonderful dinner at Zaxby's (I don't think we'll need to visit another Zaxby's), we bought some cleaning wipes and spent some time wiping down our bikes.

My bike before . . .

And after!

All clean and ready to be re-lubed in the morning outside before hitting the road again.

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