Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Transformation

I've seen this quote by Susan B. Anthony in several places, including in the book I read when I first started riding, Every Women's Guide to Cycling, by Selene Yeager, and I thought it was an interesting quote, but I didn't really get it.  However, I think now I do.

I believe that I've undergone a sort of a transformation.  In the past when I got to feeling over stressed and overwhelmed by life and work, typically I would wish to find a way to curl up on the couch, shut out the world, and watch movies on TV.  And some ice cream or some peanut M&Ms couldn't hurt either.  Now when I find myself in these situations, and lately I have been literally drowning in personal and professional stress and worry, all I can think about is getting out on my bike and riding, riding, riding!  I just want to ride long and far and scream into the wind!  

And when I do get the chance to ride, I feel clearer, calmer, brighter, freer - emancipated from the negative feelings pulling me down!  Susan B. Anthony really had something there!  And I am further along on my journey to "becoming."

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